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I can't recommend practising yoga with Sevda enough. My partner and I have just returned from a wonderful 2 week retreat at Kailasam in Kovalam, India. We were a diverse group, I'm a physiotherapist and yoga teacher, my partner an avid runner and reluctant yogi. Despite our differences, Sevda lead the class professionally and appropriately for all our individual needs. Her classes are accessible, fun and nurturing whilst encouraging us to develop a suitable self-practice. Sevda's classes include, pranayama, meditation, asana and deep relaxation techniques such as yoga nidra. All is taught with an excellent understanding of the body and presented with joy and humility. I very much look forward to joining her on a retreat again in the near future.

Marc Nyte

(BSc, HCPC, MCSP) Chartered Physiotherpist. Canada

Sevda is one of the best teachers I've ever had! After 15 years practicing yoga, she gently and effectively had me doing my first head stand. Practising yoga nidra with her is also  an incredible experienced and the benefits stay with you long after the classic over...I can't sing my praises enough to this lovely, professional and wise lady!"

Rebeca Blanchard


I have just spent an amazing week on a   yoga retreat led by Sevda in Italy. She is a very hands on teacher who is thorough in her approach and really knows her stuff. Her yoga nidra is my favourite and is almost impossible not to fall asleep at the end of her fantastic sessions.

I would highly recommend using Sevda if you are interested in taking up yoga or are more advanced as her knowledge is paramount.

Cassie Bouverie


Sevda is an amazing teacher. Her classes are sheer joy. She has the skill of teaching a mixed ability class and making everyone think that they are fabulous.

I would thoroughly recommend a holiday with Sevda. She is not only an amazing teacher, but is a consummate host and provides a wonderful environment for everyone.

Jane Tilton


I have had the good fortune to have met Sevda through a friend who had an excellent hair cut and I became one of her regular clients for her hairdressing skills. Then I discovered she was also a fully qualified yoga teacher and I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed her teaching on retreats for the last 6 years. I also attended her occasional workshops.

If you spend a week or two on a retreat with Sevda, she will take you on a journey of discovery of your body. She will balance her morning sessions which are invigorating and give you energy. The evening classes are more restorative, usually finishing with yoga nidra.

I am so looking forward to my next retreat which will be in Spain next summer and tomorrow many more I hope.

Anita Baker


Having experienced Sevda's teaching, knowledge, sense of fun, care and ability to teach all levels safely and attentively I would recommend her retreats unreservedly to everyone from complete beginner to yoga teachers seeking to deepen their practice and everyone in-between!! Fabulous yoga in the mornings and gorgeous restorative yoga in the evenings. Where next?

Ali Gowans.


Sevda's retreats are delightful. Her classes are thoughtful and challenging-flowing in a graceful and inclusive way. I really enjoyed her teaching-she opened things that I really didn't think could ever be opened. Thanks a lot Sevda!

Suzanne pool


Sevda brings a wealth of experience to her classes which are well structured as well as being intuitive.

She is mindful of any injuries, able to teach a class of varying degrees of ability and brings humour into the mix too! She is a great teacher, yogi and a lovely person.

Sara du Lart


What a fantastic two weeks of yoga!

One of the things that was so amazing about doing yoga with Sevda is the way that she managed to inspire, challenge, relax everyone in our group of mixed abilities.

She created a really warm and inclusive atmosphere where everyone felt supported with their practice. She's a creative, intuitive and open teacher and we also had a lot of laughs!

I finished my two weeks with Sevda feeling totally de-stressed, inspired and invigorated.

Can't wait to do another yoga holiday with Sevda !!

Malinda Mukuma


I am completely new to Yoga and so approached Sevda's yoga retreat somewhat cautiously. The support I received from Sevda, made my experience non-intimidating, easy and great fun.

Sevda is an inspiring teacher whose experience, intelligence and warmth, is so motivating. I am so appreciative that Sevda's teaching has opened up a whole new world for me.

Bernette o'Farrell

Although I am a veteran of many yoga retreats, I was a bit nervous about travelling to India, but I found Sevda to be a fantastic teacher. Very methodical clear and considered instruction, she took time with the preparation getting into the poses which is necessary with a group of people of mixed abilities. I had a great experience on this holiday, fantastic food, beautiful location, it was such a positive experience for me I would return in a heartbeat.

Thank you Sevda.


I started my yoga journey in earnest with Sevda and I couldn't have been luckier. Kind, challenging, thoughtful and fun. Sevda and her generous teaching will inspire you to let yoga into your life and whether you're new, or more experienced, Sevda is a wonderful guide.



I cannot recommend a yoga holiday with Sevda highly enough. 

I recently participated in her Kerala Retreat (Feb 2017) and had two fantastic weeks. I found her to be professional, friendly, expert, knowledgeable and kind. I travelled with my mum who is in her late seventies and Sevda handled the varying needs and abilities within the class with care, attention and individually tailored advice. She always had time to listen and understand everyones needs. We especially loved her yoga routine, with a challenging class in the morning and a wonderful restorative class in the evening which ensured you were ready to go again the following day!



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